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i believe design can solve any problem.


and hey - damn near every photo on this site was taken by
matt dayak


i am here to help you get your vision out of your head and into production. i’ve helped create clothing lines, retail spaces, soft goods, and physical products. i’ve poured molds, taught classes, created 3d printed objects, produced animation and video, given lectures, and put on so many promotional events i’d feel bad to lay it all on you right here and now.

(but if you are interested - check out a few on the events page)

so, what do i do? i can’t really say but i know i can help - so let’s talk about it.


email is best.



Also find me on social media:



other crap.


Graphic Design & Illustration Annual 2016

Vector Gold Design Annual 2015

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Vanguard Noteworthy Opinion Art 2014

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